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Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5
Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5
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Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games/Grades K-5
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" I used the Light Bulb game from Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games and it was a hit!"

Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games is the game book that will give you related games for every season, every month, popular holidays, and some not-so-popular holidays. It will end your search for a game that relates to spring, the month of January, Columbus Day. Even Inventor’s Day. Most of the games can be easily adapted to play anytime of the year.

Each game can be completed in one class period, is easily presented in a classroom, requires few materials, and emphasizes an educational topic.

Students will delight when:

  • in April they learn social skills while trying to catch bubbles when playing Bubble, Bubble
  • they celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by learning peaceful conflict resolution strategies when playing Red Light, Green Light
  • they learn manners in a game for fall entitled Leaf Me Alone
  • Groundhog Day becomes a listening-skill game of I Spy

    Having Year-Round Classroom Guidance Games on your shelf gives you easy-to-present games that can spice up a classroom presentation and makes you available for a spur-of-the-moment classroom lesson.

    The included CD features easy-to-reproduce color PDF files of the gamecards and reproducible pages. It is your choice—make black and white copies of the gamecards and puppet patterns or print them in color. System requirements: Adobe Reader 5.0® or newer, Compatible with PC (Windows 2000 or newer) and Mac (OS 9.0 or newer).

    TOPICS: Games for the months of the year, games for holidays

    INCLUDES: 33 games, reproducible gamecards, lesson plans, CD

    GRADE LEVELS: K-5/AGES: 5-10

    FOR USE WITH: Classrooms, small groups

    AUTHOR: Marianne Vandawalker

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Elementary-school counselors, elementary school teachers, youth group leaders

    8.5 x 11, 176 pages, paperback, 2007



    Targeted Population: All children

    Program Components: Classroom games, CD for reproducing game cards and activity pages

    Applicable For:
  • ARRA: Improving Student Achievement
    Study Skills and Test Taking
    Peer Relationships
    (Peer Relationships, Peer Interaction)

  • Title I, Part A: Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies
    Academic Improvement
    (Study Skills and Test Taking)
    Personal and Social Growth (Character Education, Peer Interaction, Peer Relationships)

  • Title IV, Part A: Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities
    Violence Prevention
    (Anger Management, Behavior, Character Education)

  • Title V, Part A: Innovative Programs
    Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Programs
    (Academic Planning, Peer Interaction, Peer Relationships)

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